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Leduc Loft & Rabbitry

Purebred Rare Breed Pigeons & Rabbits 


The Story of Leduc Loft & Rabbitry

When I turned 13 years old my Grandfather bought me a pair of Chinese Owl pigeons for my birthday. His idea was that it would keep me busy and out of trouble as a teenager, he was right! I bred raised and showed pigeons for years until I became a mother and had to take a break.

I finally purchased a home and restarted my pigeon breeding hobby. I breed Lahore and Mini Indian Fantails.

Lahore pigeons are an ancient breed that originated in Lahore, Pakistan. Lahore's are a large breed with very distinctive color markings. Lahore's are primarily kept for show but are also appropriate for use as squab pigeons.

Mini Indian Fantails have the same Standard of Perfection as Indian Fantails, but Mini Indian Fantails are much smaller. Commonly referred to as Mindians, the Mini Indian Fantail pigeon comes in a wide Variety of colors and patterns. Indian Fantails are also an ancient breed, but they did not become popular in the United States until the mid-20th Century.

My journey into rabbits started a lot like most people. I wanted to provide sustainable meat for my family. In my research to find a breed I discovered the Giant Chinchilla, called the Million Dollar Rabbit. Giant Chinchillas are threatened of going extinct according to The Livestock Conservancy Giant Chinchillas produce meat and furs. I have two does and one buck at this time and look forward to producing true to standard Giant Chinchillas!

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